St. Patrick’s Weekend 2019

So it begins! Our first entry here just happens to come at the start to the biggest weekend of the year for us! We’re planning on heading down to historic Leduc, Alberta tonight to party hard, and I can’t recall a time when we’ve been booked as heavily as we are, with two headlining shows and one that’s always sold out! All that’s left is to safely make these journeys and return to Calgary, where we’ll once again (we’ve been playing this show each year for… i guess this would be lucky number 7!), once again with our good friends River Jacks and Fire Next Time, that show will once again be a total blast!

Later that night we’ll find ourselves playing with The Gentlemen’s Club and Raised By Wolves, for the first time at Rec Room, and it promises to be an excellent show on a great stage!

Tonight however, we get to get our Freak on a little early, and play with 5cent Freakshow, our friends the Whyte Ave Womp Rats and Jash and the Winos! We’ve figured out how we’re getting there and where we’re staying, and what we’re bringing, we just havn’t figured out who we’re going to see there, or what they’re going to do to us! Exciting!