The Shillelaghs are a band that hails from Calgary, Canada. The band brings a hard hitting and original sound to the celtic punk scene.

Once more, The Shillelaghs are gearing up to bring another huge album to life, and deliver it for the world to hear! 2019 will be a big year for the band, who have been crafting the ultimate mix of members and sounds to become the punk rock juggernaut they are today. Over the last 13 years, 9 years after their debut release ‘Wastedly’, and after many have come and gone, the original crew and spirit of the band is fully intact, and driving forward, relentlessly. The band has recorded 10 brand new tracks for their next full length album, which sees a mix of both old and new members taking up the mantle from their 2015 effort, ‘Bury Me At Sea’.¬† The album, at it’s core, was formulated during a time when the membership of the band was at an all time low, and a stripped down, apologetically punk rock sound was forming the basis for a new batch of songs that are only made all the more sweet with the efforts of Lisa Graham (on piccolo) and Greg Devine¬† (on accordion). Ever present are Dave’s snarls and Kyle’s blistering riffs, and with Andy on bass guitar, turning up the complexity and bringing to the sound what he’d always wanted to hear most during his tenure on the accordion, and Van proving definitively on the drums that a healthy blend of punk and metal creates the best version of us, the band has finally achieved their most ensnaring sound ever, a journey into both the dark and light, conceptually, of what’s been roiling around in Dave’s head space – the undying respect for the power of nature and time – reaching out to the past to tell us of it’s struggles, only to find ourselves reflected back – hope and acceptance in the face of loss, and the power to enjoy ourselves in spite of it – being burdened with knowledge, and the internal power to throw off the chains of guilt – the immortal adventure of memory forged with your compatriots by your side, and the journey yet to be written…

We hope you agree and enjoy the sound as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it!

Members (Current)

Dave Anderson  (Lead Vocals)

Kyle Libbus (Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Van Vandenberg (Drums)

Andrew Shannon (Bass)

Lisa Graham(Piccolo)

Greg Devine (Accordion)